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More on Why Vegan Homesteading

Lots of rain today, a good day to do some writing indoors.  We already feel overwhelmed with the gardens! We’ve been pondering why do vegan homesteading? Basically it boils down to the fact that we feel its the best way for us to respond to the unfolding environmental, economic, and energy crisis that we are in the midst of.  When we feel overwhelmed by the work or lack of interest in what we are doing we ask ourselves: “well, what else should we be doing?”  And, our answer, (so far) has always been the same: this feels right to be doing.  The most important work we feel to be engaged in these challenging times is helping build a local food system.  Food, of course, is life when it becomes scarce everything else in our lives diminishes and our focus turns entirely to food.  Our view is that a locally-based vegan food system is the most direct, most practical, and  most humane food system in the world, not to mention the fact that its the least energy intensive.  Of course we are referring to a small, home-based agricultural system that mimics nature as much as practically possible – in our system we try to minimize tilling and maximize mulching and gardening by hand.  We plant things close together and interplant different vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  We supplement our soil with compost and grass mulch and use drip irrigation.